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potential bug report (LV 2011): new input/output not updated in help window

A little bit later, kind of the opposite situation:



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Does it make a difference if the context help window is open or closed while you edit the connector pane? A quick test on my installation seemed to show that the help isn't updating if it's not open.



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My Help Window is pretty much always open, so no, it doesn't make any difference. Note that if you read the whole thread, it is more than just a lack of Help Window update. There is another annoying bug that prevents from relinking to the edited VI. This is a serious issue (I mean, there are simple workarounds, but this is still an annoyance).

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I am getting the same behavior.  I had another post.


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Just noticing something: when we click on a connector AND THE HELP WINDOW FUNCTIONS AS EXPECTED, is the selected input (or output) highlighted in the help window? I can't remember (and I can't check since my help window is dead)...

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In LabVIEW 8.6, the connector will flash in the help window when you have the wire tool over the corresponding connector.  Note, only the rectangle/square for the connector pad blinks, not any of the words.  This only occurs when the VI is called as a subVI.  If you are working in the VI, and hold the wire tool over the connector pane, the help window will not highlight the connector.


I see the same bahavior in LabVIEW 2011.

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It just dawned on me that it would be useful to have the whole thing blink or something...

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What do you think about this one:




It is LV 2011, but where did the icon go? Smiley Very Happy

Actually, as a matter of fact, it appears that this is not the only VI to experience this interesting mutation:





Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

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I have the same problem.

Sometimes a new VI will NOT show the new connections I've made in the connector pane.

Saving the VI, running it, or including it as a subVI in another VI won't help.

Changing the layout of the connector-pane usually helps.


Very annoying nasty little bug!



(running LV 2011f2 32bit on Win64bit)

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Has NI acknowledged this as a bug yet?

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