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potential bug report (LV 2011): new input/output not updated in help window

@ Ben: I was hoping that my use of LV 2 globals would utterly disqualify me as "experienced" beta tester !

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I'm confused.


I would think the contrary and use of LV2 globals is a good thing.



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Hi all,


I'm still working on reproducing this on any of our computers here. I've tried the steps, but I still haven't had any luck. Ravens Fan mentioned that he was able to save the vi without it updating, but hasn't been able to do it again. If anyone has a vi that still shows the bug after saving, it would be a really big help to get a copy of it.


I also haven't found anything in common, it looks like you all have been able to reproduce it on XP Vista and 7, 32 and 64 bit. If any of you who have reproduced it are willing to give us a MAX technical report, hopefully we can narrow down what versions, combination of toolkits, etc this relates to.


Have a great long weekend!

Luke B.

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Luke, you guys provide us with "evanescent" bug/features and you want us to provide a reproducible case... Wish us good luck with that!

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@X. wrote:

Luke, you guys provide us with "evanescent" bug/features and you want us to provide a reproducible case... Wish us good luck with that!

MAKE NO MISTAKE!  I observed it (and if I had not run across this thread- would have reported my observations similar to what you did X.  Your astute attention helped me to formulate my chiming in)  You observed it, Bill reproduced it.  We (OK, qualify, I) SUSPECT it is related to the fact that relink to sub-vi does not seam necessary anymoreSmiley Wink


@SO @User002. Did you change the algorithm that produced the bleached sub-vis? could the magic 8-ball be onto something? What CAR has been generated?


You know my contact info~~~ I'm always willing to take a call and help reproduce an unintended consequence! 

thanks again X! I'm glad NI is listening

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Hmmm... Where are my Error Cluster connections in the Context Help window?




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Oh, here they have finally appeared!

But wait, now my VI is not connected properly, even though I used the switcheroo tool in the connector pane...

And WTH, I can't even relink my VI????



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Maybe related, maybe not, but why do I sometimes get a handful of connector highlighted on my VI icon:




It might be a graphic adapter driver issue (I have had a number of redraw issues with LV over the years with all kinds of computers and I am ignoring them by now), but maybe not. I hover over the VI with the wiring tool and the selection "ink spot" is not arased as I moved to another one.

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I saw this behavior today where I switched two inputs (via the old disconnect method), and the VI calling the modified subVI still showed the old connections.  I hit ctrl->run and the subVI call updated.

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New example: I created a VI from a sequence structure and added a few controls on the FP, so I decided that instead of switching connections, I was better off disconnecting them all and starting from scratch. Here is the result:




I have really a hard time understanding why NI doesn't seem to be able to reproduce this problem...

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