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potential bug report (LV 2011): new input/output not updated in help window

I take that back. I have even beaten my previous record: 2 inputs missing! Smiley Happy


test 3.JPG


And yes, that's a LV 2 global...


Note added: If this can help, when I started moving the terminals on the diagram (I just added the controls which were missing on the connector pane above), the icon recovered the correct number of connections.

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I am seeing an similar problem, using LV 2011 on a 32 bit windows.


When I create a new VI, and connect the front panel items to the connector pane, all looks good.

Then I place the VI into the block diagram of another program, and there are no active notes for making

any connections...


No matter what I do, once this happens, I can not fix it.


So I copy the entire block diagram into a new vi, connect it up, save it, and then it works.


Seems to happen to me once out of every 4-8 times I create a new vi...

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Forget about moving the terminals. This did not work on this one:


test 4.JPG

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Mine is Win Vista Home 64 bit.  It was not in a project.

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I'll Chime in:

Yesterday, on Win7 enterprise SP1 32bit intel core2 Quad and LV 11.0(32-bit), I created a new vi in a project wired the con pane (but had not yet saved the changes to the vi) dropped the vi onto a new BD in the same project and could not wire to it.  I showed terninals and WHOAH! all white terminals (default 4-2-2-4 pattern never changed)


Had to save the v,i disconnect all, and rewire the con pane  to make it work.


While rewiring with terminals shown on the caller BD the con pane re-wiring was observed to take effect.  ---Not a insurmountable bug but lets get a CAR


EDIT: all controls I use are silver- I like them

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Here is a variant.

I created a new VI from an empty event structure to which wires were connected and the connections did not suit me, so I swapped one of them using Ctrl-click from the old position to the new one (the lowest one in the list: I moved it to the bottom left corner).

This is what I got:




Just to say that it's not just when creating a new connection, but also when swapping one.

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This is how it looks like (as it should have) after a little while...



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@ Jeff Bohrer: Wow, I discovered that indeed this is not just a Help window display problem but that the connector panes of the VI copies dropped on other VIs diagrams are not updated either.


Here is the VI with its connections incorrectly reported by the help window:


test 1.JPG


To clarify: I want "Graph 1 Parameters" to be the second input, "Graph 2 Parameters" the third and "Burst Array" the last. So I swapped inputs and if I select them on the front panel, they are highlighted at the desired location on the connector pane. The help window does not reflect this change, but I am getting used to that.


And here is the calling VI with the original connections still appearing OK, even though I swapped the inputs (as mentioned before):


test 2.JPG 


To clarify: The highlighted second connector should be "Graph 1 Parameters", but it still is "Burst Array"... which it should not. The diagram should be either broken or the wires should have been rerouted to their new inputs connectors!!!


In other words, the "Swapping" has not been reflected in the calling diagram!

That is not a annoying feature. I think that qualifies for SERIOUS BUG...


Note added: Workaround >> drop the VI again on the calling VI. It will now have the correct connectors. I did not try the universal "Ctrl-R" trick of Ravens Fan...

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@ x


Well, at least I've never observed a bleached vi (right-click...Relink  This seams to be a new feature (unpublished to even the BETA testers) of 2011.  NICE feature- now fix it please.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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I will second you in half a second for Beta testing!


An experienced critical eye just can not be beat. If you concider doing so you can by all means cite me as a reference.


Thank you for the time you have taken to report bugs!



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