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potential bug report (LV 2011): new input/output not updated in help window

I had the same issue yesterday. Disconnecting and reconnecting the control from the terminal block did not help. I had to delete the control, create a new one and wire that up. The problem then cleared for me.

Chris Vann
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Hey everyone,


I haven't been able to find any existing documentation of this particular bug. I know everyone's saying it's intermittant but does anyone have tips to reproduce it? I haven't been able to so far. I'd like to create a CAR and it will be much more likely to be worked on if we can find a way to reproduce it.



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it appears that this is a finicky bug: I (and others) notice the problem when I need to care about connectors on a connector pane that I am working on or having been working on recently. However, I have tried several times to create a new VI on purpose to post here to let anyone see the problem, and I have failed.

I would recommend trying to take a large existing project and continue developing it (or pretending to), by creating VIs, using them as subVIs, etc. Hopefully as some point you will realize...wait, my Help Window does not reflect the correct connections! And maybe even break your calling VI after you have swapped two inputs in the subVI and this has not been reflected in the calling diagram.

All I can say is: keep trying. Eventually you WILL succeed!



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You were so right - I DID succeed. Doesn't make it any less finicky, I guess, but it made me feel better about filing a CAR.


A CAR has been filed for this bug, folks 🙂



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Congratulations... and good luck!

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What's the CAR ID for this?  I was trying to reproduce the same issue to file a CAR the other day, and was not able to.  Good to know somebody else did.

DNatt, NI
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I just submitted it as CAR#318144.

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2011 connector pane is a pain...


I too have seen this bug a half dozen times or so in the past couple of months and what I have found to be an easy way to chase it away is to right-click the offending terminal on the VI and make another selection under the "This Connection Is > Required/Recommended/Optional" menu and then change it back to what I really want to use. This, for me, has always been enough of a slap upside LabVIEW's head to get it to start paying attention to the terminal.

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It's good to know. I'll keep this workaround in mind and will report on it when successfully tried. Hopefully this will be gone in LV 2012...

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Actually, I just checked and that doesn't work for me. Sorry... NI, you've got to solve this problem.


Edit: HOWEVER, I found out that if you switch the type of your indicator/control and switch it back, that solves the problem. But still...

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