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pointer of horizontal slide be replacable?/customizable?


* I have attached a screen shot of a GUI that I am trying to build. Is there a way to replace to the pointer of slide with a Custom image (like tag in the screen shot)?


* The scenario is that when a worker enters a proximity of a machine, an Alarm must be indicated. Their position relative to machine should also be updated on screen. Is there another better way of doing it other than the slider which I have used?


* Can the pointers be made visible dynamically only when they enter the Green zone?

* Is there a way to add pointers dynamically, say when another worker enters the green zone?


boy, that's lot of questions..




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To set a picture for a pointer:

1) Edit -> Import picture to clipboard

2) Right click slider -> Advanced -> Customize -> Operate menu -> Change to customize mode (Ctrl+M) -> Right click pointer -> Import from clipboard


You can not hide pointers directly. With colored pointers (not picture) you can make them transparent. You can place a scale with correct limits only in green zone. 


You can not add pointers at run-time - it will change cluster size. You can add enough pionters, make scale longer and hide them under decoration. 

Alternative way: Place sufficient number of boolean indicators and control their position. One state (false) can be transparent, other - with picture. Then you can approach them from different directions.



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Thanks for the info Alexander. I tried a rudimentary UI based on a boolean indicator like you suggested.

Is there a way to save the initial position of boolean indicator so that I could reset it every time I restart it?

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2 options:

1) determine position, save it as a constant (or parameter in ini file)

2) place a fake invisible control, align them, read its position. Extra element, but if you change position of your picture display, you will need to rewrite ini file - extra work.


A few style changes:

If you do not change properties, it is better to move the first property mode from the loop

Classic "if true, then false. If false, then true". It is a single boolean "NOT" element. In your case you can use "not equal to zero". 

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@Alexander_Sobolev wrote:

Classic "if true, then false. If false, then true". It is a single boolean "NOT" element. In your case you can use "not equal to zero". 

Or better yet, use the Not Equal to 0 function and you can get rid of the NOT.

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