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please need a help with lab veiw blocks


Hello please anybody can help me to find the circled blocks in the below attachment (black color). also help me how to match block with a written label (circle with red color).


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From top to bottom:

RMS 1 Gauge: Numeric --> Meter

Frequency 1 Gauge: Numeric --> Gauge

Manual Connection: Place an Array, then place a Boolean --> Switch in side

Block with the diamonds/arrow/question mark: In Range & Coerce (under comparison)

Boolean Indicator (round LED, square LED etc.)


If you are struggling to find the indicator on the block diagram - double click on the indicator on the block diagram and it will highlight it on the front panel. 


You can right click on the variables and go to find (terminal) to find the indicator/control it is associated with.


I hope that helps - it's not exactly clear what you're asking for. I suggest you try some of the LabVIEW training to familiarise yourself more with the basics. There's information here:

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I didnt found them if you please insert them in labveiw file to copy paste them.


THANK YOU for fast reply.



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After you complete the tutorials Sam Sharp recommended, also get in the habit of keeping the Context Help window opne while you are programming. It is very useful in identifying and learning about the various functions, VIs, adn controls in LabVIEW. Spending a few minutes just exploring the palettes can do help a lot in getting you familiar with what is there and where they are located.



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