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please help me with this vi

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hello friends i m new learner


plz help me


i have this program please tell me how to send readings and data in table in this vi and wwhen i press button log file it should log the file one by one ?? and


please tell me the logic too when i press next it should go to next page and back then back to page and on pressing exit it should exit and at last page next button should disappear .....


anyone plz help me


thanks in advance




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here is vi

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Are you expecting us to create an application for you? You would be better off if you show us what you have tried and we can then help you along the way. Please post an example of what you have attempted.


Also, please visit How to Learn NI LabVIEW and go through the self paced training on the right.

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Now that you have posted the VI, you should notice that you have True constant connected to the stop condition of your while loop. That just means your VI will execute just once. Also, this leads me to believe that you need some training before you can program an application. Please go through what I have linked above and the LabVIEW examples before you attempt to program in LabVIEW. It will help you be a faster and better programmer.

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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i know that vi is not completed i just created this vi within an hour

there are so many mistakes and faults

m just asking about my query

i know i m noob and very new to this

but sure i will learn it soon ...

if u can tell me the solution then its ok if not then also its ok ....

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i am just asking i have values in control and indicators

how to send that values in table by pressing a button ???


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now i have done this

few mistakes r coming can someone help me ???

calculation is not coming in table dnt know why ??


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Accepted by topic author Harmeet Singh

Please use full words when typing messages on the forum and not "text message speak".  A plea for full words


One problem I see is that you have a lot of tunnels in your case structure where you did not wire the data in every case.  With the tunnels set for "Use default if unwired", you wind up feeding default data into your shift register which gets used later.  Probably not what you want.

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Ok Sir i will keep that in my mind .. will write full


Thank you  Sir

its really helpful for me.

please tell me one more thing how to make "next button" disappear  in last page ?

Thank You In Advance.

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(Oh, and the word "I" is always capitalized.)  Smiley Wink


You can write a False boolean to a property node of that button called "Visible".  Of course you will have to write a True to that property when you want it shown again.


But I don't like the idea of hiding buttons so much.  I think you'd be better off using the the "Disabled?" property and wire the constant "Disabled and Greyed" to it.  Then you can still see it, it is distinctively disabled, and functionally disabled.  You'd wire the constant set to "Enabled" to turn it back to normal.


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