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phase shift in NI USB-6229

Hello all,


 It's some days that I am trying to find out solution for my task but still nothing.

I am testing some electronic circuit , and it has input signal which called Drive signal and the output signal which is Pickup signal,now I have to get Pickup signal and implement some time delay to exact signal and send it to my circuit to see some feedback resualts regarding to my tests. I use NI USB 6229 but the problem is that this NI after reading the Pickup signal will simulate and generate almost the same signal in output with different phase.

now I wanted to know is this NI capable to give the same signal from input in output with just some desired phase shift or time delay ?!?!

I appreciate you if you can help and guide me .



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do you want to process the data somehow or do you just want to aquire and then output them?


If the later is what you want to do you can us the same timing source for input and output and a trigger to start the output later.

If you want to process the data its going to be hard, because in Software you always have software timing so you never can be sure, when to output your data.


Cheers, RMathews

Ramona Lombardo
Applications Engineer, NI Germany
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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