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permutations of a 6! numerically

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This is a good one...


Would be a nice coding challenge 😉   To do it nicely that is...


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Then you're challenged! 😉

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I built something similar to this once when I was trying to recover a lost password from an Excel spreadsheet (using ActiveX to open the spreadsheet with the new password).


It worked well, but the password was about 10 characters so I never manager to brute force it!


Will see if I can dig it up (prob not as it was at a previous employer...)

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would really apreciate the help if you can find it 😄

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Hm, besides that the question itself sounds a bit like: "how do i implement a brute force algorithm using LabVIEW?", i have to ask:

Is the length of the string always equal to the number of possible characters?



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Expert: Geometry
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Hi Norbert,

i think it don't have to. 🙂


@Norbert B wrote:

... "how do i implement a brute force algorithm using LabVIEW?", i have to ask:




Do you think if this is the question, then we shouldn't help and he should write the code himself?? 😉



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it is an attempt to break an encryption a friend has sent me. I suspect it is 6 characters long from a hint, i have tried 1 character to 5 by hand to no success, and i thought a program for six, seven etc... would be logical. i was then going to scan for a key word from the resultant decryption - but that bit i've already figured out how to do.


Six character will be fine for now, seven i hope can be made by expanding the program at a later date if needed.

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its only a bit of fun, but the output will be handy for my research rather oddly!

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Hi John,

why to change it later. The "challenge winner" should be able to handle whatever is needed!



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i think it can be done by perhaps logical sequences, 


IF A is used then character B is true for second character, if not A

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