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peer to peer streaming

Dear M/s,

I am trying to develop peer to peer communication between PXIe-1075 loaded with 7966 fpga and 6229 daq card.

I have read examples but in every example they take two fpgas as a reference but here I have only one FPGA and one DAQ card.

Scenario is that I have to take digital data in from 6229 card and pass on to FPGA 7966 ,after processing it will be passed on to 5791 transceiver.


I have checked DAQ card it is working properly through MAX.

Now kindly guide that how can I create peer to peer stream of DAQ card ,though card itself is running on host.



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I'm afraid peer to peer is only between PXIe FPGA cards and certain PXIe high speed digitizer and arbs. It isn't supported through DAQ.

There are some digital lines on the Aux connector of the 5791 you can use though.

James Mc
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Hi James,

You are right that PXI 6229 DAQ card is unable to do P2P streaming but can you guide that how can can take input from DAQ6229 card and process it in PXIe Fpga 7966.


I have working DAQ host VI which is present in labview examples of hardware input and output with name Digital continuos input.

My question is that how can I simply interconnect PXI DAQ card suppose p0.0 to PFI0 of Tranceiver card 5791 attached to FPGA 7966. 

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Hi Sunny,


As noted, you cannot do P2P streaming from your DAQ 6229 to your PXIe FPGA 7966. This wouldn't make much sense, as the DAQ card only inputs and is not capable of doing any onboard processing, so if you need to do processing via your FPGA, you should just bypass the 6229 and send the signal to your 7966. 



Looking at the 5791 adapter module, there are no PFI inputs to the FlexRIO. Looking at documentation, it appears the only possible way to pass an input to the FlexRIO would be via the backplane using the PXI_Star, PXIe_Dstar, or PXI Trig line. However, I am unsure of the latency this would introduce into your algorithims, but it may be worth try.


The best method would be to use another FlexRIO Card and a FlexRIO adapter module with the necessary input, and then stream from that. 

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