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pda reproducible bug with logical shift operation when y>3 for arrays

I have discovered a problem and wonder if this is a wider bug or if I am doing something wrong:
Labview PDA 8.0.1  -  running on a Dell Axim:
I create a 2x1000 array of U32 and feed it as x into the logical shift operator.  If  y is between -3 and 3, the logical shift works properly.  If y >= 4 or <= -4, then the array is returned with all zeros.
I have reproduced this for I32 data and smaller arrays.  Logical shift works properly for scalars.
Has anyone else seen this?  Is this a bug?
Thanks for any help.
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It might very well be a bug. If it works differently on the PC and on the PDA then it is almost certainly one.

I suggest you post a simple example showing this so that people with current versions of the PDA module (i.e. not me) can test this. Maybe it was even fixed for 8.2?

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