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pci6602 counter problem


i was trying to program a counter on a PCI6602-board to generate a
delayed pulse.
the programm follows the example: config pulse with "start on rising
(trigger source is a digital out pin, because to counters must start
then "start counter" and finally output a "TTL-high" on the digital-out
pin, which is
connected to the counters gate.

when measuring the pulse with an oscilloscope, i noticed that the first
pulse after
starting up labview is omitted (nothing happens, although the programm
runs without
any errors), the following pulses are ok. When i restart the program
everything is fine,
even the first pulse. Closing Labview makes the counter omitting the
first pulse again.....

Does anybody know why this
happens ?
I programmed a workaround by generating a very short pulse the following
circuit can't follow
on programm start-up to avoid this behaviour, but i'd like to understand
this "phenomenon",
which had cost me two whole days to discover. 😉

Stefan 😉

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