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pci-6713 not detected by DAQmx

My Windows 98 computer has a PCI-6713 board running as a Traditional DAQ. However, it is not being recognized as a DAQmx device. However, a PCI-6036E device that I plugged in was recognized as both a Traditional and a DAQmx device by MAX, which is exactly the desired behaviour. How do I get DAQmx functionality on my PCI-6713 board? I have VIs written in Traditional DAQ for the PCI-6713 board that I still want to use, but I want to write new VIs using DAQmx.

Thanks in advance for your help
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I don't think that DAQmx VIs support Traditional DAQ devices.

You may also ask your question in this forum:


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Hi Aniruddha,

Thanks for posting to the NI discussion forums. Unfortunately, JoeLabView is correct.  Your PCI-6713 is not supported in NI-DAQmx for Win 98, and so you can only use Traditional NI-DAQ VIs to program this device.  The PCI-6036e is supported by both NI-DAQmx and Traditional NI-DAQ for Win 98.  This is why  the PCI-6036e can be seen as both a NI-DAQmx and Traditional NI-DAQ device in MAX and the PCI-6713 is only seen as a Traditional NI-DAQ device.

This information can be found in the readme for the latest driver version supported on Win 98.

By visiting the NI-DAQ Driver Support: PCI/PXI Devices page, and looking at support for the NI 6713 you can see that NI-DAQmx support was added for the NI 6713 starting with NI-DAQmx 7.5 supported for Windows NT.

Jared T.
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