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pci 4472 external trigger


Dear all,


I have PCI 4472 card. I want to trigger this card using analog voltage from external source. I have referred to the example " ...Acquire voltage..Int clk_Start analog edge" ... I have been able to self trigger the signal. When I connect another physical channel, I could see both the signal together. But, I have following problems:-

i) I want to see signal of one voltage channel ( sinusoidal one) and not  the trigger voltage channel (pulse one). How should I achieve it? Actually, when I use the Vi Analog 1D Wfm N channel N sample, it show the waveform of both the trigger voltage channel and the other one. I need to see the FFT of sinusoidal one without the FFT of pulse one.....

ii) I want to use this trigger to run a timed loop. Is it possible to achieve this with this card? Moreover, I want to acquire data after some delay time from the zero crossing of trigger. Is it possible to achieve it?


I am new in this Labview thing... Please pardon me if it is too silly......Thanks in advance for the reply.....


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Can you post your vi so we can give it a look?

Did you already used the "DAQmx Trigger" Vi to set the source channel to the pulse channel?





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