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pause and restarting a waveform.

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Hi all,

             Im new to labview and ive only version 6.1 licensed and i cant shift from it for some reasons.

Yesterday i wrote my first simple  program reading from a tutorial , i created a random waveform plotter.But what i want now is that i need to add a pause and continue or restart button to it.

Can some addition to the while loop can do the trick??..i tired a lot but cudnt achieve it...Can some body help??

Im atttaching the VI..

(Note please:-if somebody puts back a vi saved in LV8 or >6 i cant open it here)

Thanking You.




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Find the Random Passer VI with the pause facility Smiley Wink
Balaji PK (CLA)
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better

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Please can u print screen and insert the picture of the VI.. I cant open it coz its done with version 8
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Accepted by topic author ku637



As far as I understood from your post, you need to stop sending data to the chart and then restart doing that.

You can do it in several ways.

The first obvious option is to add a case structure to the random generation and the conection to the chart. Conect a button to the case that will define if new values are added to the chart or not.

This way your while loop will not stop iterating, you just control if you send values to the chart or not.

If you really want to stop the loop from iterating, you can for example add another while loop in a case structure inside that one, so when you press the button you enter the second while loop and only continue iterating the main loop when you stop the second loop. 


I don't have LV6.1 installed, so I attached 2 jpg to show you what I mean.


Keep playing with these stuff, things will become clear with time...


Hope it helps,


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It solved my problem

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