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parallel port logic states

Hi, I've encountered something strange with the parallel port outputs. Pin 2-9 should be the ideal output/input data pins. But when I send a command to write to the parallel port, and measure the respective pins to check their logic states, I found that pins 5-12 are actually holding the binary values that I've send to the port. And pins 2-4 are always on logic 1, any idea what this means?
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find attached a .pdf - file with Printerport-Pinout. Are you really on the right Pin's? As Input you have to use the 5bits S7....S3 (S7 is inverted) or if you want to use 8bit input, you first have to set the Printerport into tristate(for bidirectional port)- find a picture of a program made for PIO 82C55 direct connected to Printerport - this vi spreads the parallelport to 24bit programmable I/O using only one IC. If you have further questions please write to:
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