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out put from dio, square wave at a frequency of 10mhz.

Is it possible to take output square wave from a digital io. i would like to get it from one out put channel say 0. how it can be confirmed.
This is to do with cFP.
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Using Compact Fieldpoint it wont be possible to generate a square wave at this kind of frequency. The counter modules for Compact Fieldpoint can go up to about 5Khz.

For 10Mhz rates you'd need to consider a PCI or PXI based system.

What kind of application were you needing this for - if you can give me some more information, then maybe I can help


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thanks for you reply. I have to feed a technical textile with this rate of frequency. However, I have wrotten a VI even to get very low frequency square wave at channel 0 of cfp do 410 but it does not show anything at the output. Any suggestions?
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Hi Taj,

Can you send me the vi you have written? It may be something in the code.

Also, what are you using to measure the output? How do you know it is not producing anything?


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