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oscilloscope data reading problem


I have ''siglent-sds1000x'' oscilloscope which I ran it with LabVIEW, today I faced a problem. when i run my programme in tow sequence data reading, one of them shows data samples 0 and the other one works fine and so on!
 the interesting point is that my programme has worked fine until today i faced a crush in my data reading. 

here is my programme : 

I'll be grateful if you can help me with my problem Smiley Happy

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What changed between before today and today that might possibly cause it to not work properly today?


What does "tow sequence data reading" mean?

What does "crush in my data reading" mean?


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I didn't change my program.after expire error in this labview code i faced this problem.

  • "two sequence data reading" :i run twice this program after eatch other and i faced with two different one of them number of sample is 0 and in the another is 12268.

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I didn't change this program.
after Labview expire error in this code I faced with this problem.
# "two sequence data reading" : After run twice this code I see different results. in one of them, the number of samples is 0 and in another result is 12268 (i show that in attached photo).

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I think we migt have some language barrier.  You might try posting in your native language because I don't understand what you are saying.

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