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order track in Labview for vibration and other apps

I have been working with Labview off and on to solve vibration problems.

In rotating machinery, one must quite often sample vibrations for
equally spaced angular positions of the shaft (indexed samples).
I tried to do this with an ordinary MIO E cards. Found an interesting
way to do this without an incremental encoder attached to the shaft and
just a single phase reference, but couldn't test it with PCI MIO E
If someone is interested in this application (s)he can try it with the
executable vi found in
and report possible problems and even better solutions.
Thanks and hello from Belgium

Regards Meilleures salutations Met vriendelijke gr
oeten Mit freundlichen
Gérard D'Ans
Laborelec: 32 2 3820568 fax 32 2 3820241
Université Libre de Bruxelles: 32 2 6502515
fax 32 2 6502710
URL site:
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