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is the OPC 2016 compatible with labview 2013, because i tried my OPC clients runing and i got nothing in the server window selection, what should do?

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We need a little more info. How are you using Labview and your OPC Server?  Datasocket, Front panel bindings or Project I/O library? 

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i m trying to use it as a Project I/O library, as shown in the picture

i can not see OPC clients 


kinder regard

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Hello, I'm stuck in reading OPC UA data and I need help, please.

I successfully created an OPC UA server and wrote on it matrix data as you can see in the first picture.

but when it comes to collecting that data. I do not manage to do so as desired.

and I want to get them back to the matrix form

attached in the second picture, the program diagram for the receiving function.


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Questions. 1- What is controlling your loop timing for your opc server? 2- Put the current Time stamp in your cluster of data for the "OPC Format" to know when data is acquired. 3-Why are you writing your array of doubles to the OPC server as a variant? If you wrote your data as an array of doubles.


Then you can read your OPC server as an array of doubles. You would need to create a new OPC format cluster for the double type. Then you can save your data to a tdms file as double arrays. Plenty of examples of that.


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