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only peaks wanted


This is my code and the block view but I want to get rid of the little dots in the graph and only leave the peak. Additionally, in my array I want to not have any peak data. If you see any errors or have potential solutions for these problems that will be really helpful for me. Thank you!

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It is very difficult to make suggestions when we only see "pictures" without a clear explanation of what you want to do (I'm guessing in the Chart, you want to display "all points greater than (some value) and simply not show the other points".  You also have a Graph that is the mean of something (we can't open the Dreaded DAQ Assistant, since you only provided a picture of its ugly face, instead of attaching the LabVIEW code, a file with the extension .vi, or better yet, a compressed version of the Project Folder (though you don't seem to have any sub-VIs or TypeDefs in this code -- maybe you don't even have a Project File!!).  You also say "In my array I don't want to have any peak data".  What does that mean?  In one place, you want (to see) Peak data, then the next place you want everything except peak data?  Do you want all the data to be included in the Mean?  


What are you measuring?  What is the "Signal from DDG, V"?  Why is there a cursed Dynamic Data Wire converting a Boolean to a "something", which then gets wired to a True/False Case Statement (so you've simply "obscured" the type of Data in the Wire)?


A suggestion.  Look up (Google) and read "Learn 10 Functions in NI DAQmx and Handle 80 Percent of your Data Acquisition Applications".  Ignore (and never use!) the section on the Dreaded DAQ Assistant.  Never use the Dynamic Data Wire, use the "ordinary, boring" LabVIEW Numeric, Boolean, etc. Data Wires instead.


It would also help to know the following:

  • What Version of LabVIEW are you using?  Mention Year and # of bits.  Note any special Modules and Toolkits and Drivers you use.
  • What Hardware are you using?  I'm guessing you have something that can output Digital values, and perhaps something that can acquire Analog data.

Bob Schor

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