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I'm trying to open a LabVIEW program that someone gave me, however, when I try to open it, LabVIEW can't find several vi's with "ogtk" as part of their name.  I have LabVIEW 2012 installed, with the basic package and DAQmx.  Can someone tell me where I can get these vi's?

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Sounds like OpenG Tool Kit.  If you have VI Package Manager (VIPM), you can install them through that.  If not, from the LabVIEW welcome window, click on "Find Drivers and Add-ons" and then "Find LabVIEW Add-ons".  That should install VIPM.

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Here - OpenG

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Thank you!  I followed those steps and installed the OpenG toolkit.  I'm now able to open the program without any error messages or problems.

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I have download the VI Package manager but i can't find the ogt toolkit... Could you share with me how to get them?



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Did you follow the steps CrossRulz gave above, searching for OpenG?

Also, this might help if you have and that's not working:


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Thanks CrossRulz, you da real MVP

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