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Hello everyone, I am currently using the object tracking example that comes with LabVIEW, but the method in the example is to read the video for testing. I want to change the program structure to an industrial camera of JAI usb  to read and track in real time. How do I modify it?

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Replace the video open, read and close with a camera open, grab and close.

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Accepted by topic author luopeng2019

Thank you very much for your answers, the problem has been solved according to the method you provided.

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I don’t understand the program provided in the example. What is the program logic of the object tracking program or the principle of the algorithm? Looking forward for your response, thank you!

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Sorry, can't help you with that. I don't have IMAQ installed at the moment. Perhaps if you post an image.

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So when you say you don't understand it, do you mean how to use them or how they track objects?


How to use them is all in the help (or rather, all there is is in the help):


The they track objects is in the Vision Development Module Help (NI Vision Concepts.chm, probably also in the LabVIEW help if IMAQ is installed), under Object Tracking Techniques:


NI Vision implements two object tracking algorithms:

  • Mean shift—A simple algorithm that tracks the user-defined objects by iteratively updating the location of the object.
  • EM-based mean shift (shape adapted mean shift)—An extended version of the mean shift algorithm in which not only the location but also the shape (including scale) of the object is adapted frame after frame.
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