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non-Dcam camera - get image with irfanview?



Now that I solved the problem with the calculation, I can't get the images from the camera into Labview....


I use a Progres C10 for which no special labview driver is available and (of course...) its a non-dcam camera.


Is there a possibility to start for example Irfanview (camera is working with this), take a picture and save it to a file?





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Getting images from camera through Irfanview is like travelling from Germany to France via North Pole. 😉

Seriously, as far as I know ProgRes delivered with TWIAN driver, and this is the way how Irfanview able to get the images (I guess).





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I thought of using the Twain driver delivered with the camera, but all I found was that i have to buy an "addon" for Labview to use twain source (I use Labview 8.6 including Vision).

If you have another idea, let me know ^^


I'm just trying to avoid additional costs Smiley Wink

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Twain is fully opened spec: Its not very complicated, believe me.

If you try to avoid additional costs, you shouldn't try to avoid programming, isn't? 😉





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well... unfortunately we have no courses in programming, so I guess it could be complicated for me (that's ehy I'm trying to avoid it :))^^ but I'll never know if i don't try Smiley Wink


Thank you for the tipp ^^

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Just found my very old test project for TWAIN support for LabVIEW (based on EzTwain wrapper).

Unzip it, then run TWAIN, select your camera source and so on.




I was able to get images from my Web Cam (which is equipped with Twain support).

IMAQ Vision is not required, because image transferred into U32 array. The only RGB images supported. 

May be this will work for you as well. May be not.




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Thank you very much, hopefully that works ^^ I was just about to pack my things for Northpole.... because its not as easy as it looks if you don't have any knowledge in C++ (or any other language...).


I'll report if that does the job



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Just checked this - it works also with Canon Scanner and with other WebCam.

Another limitation - single image per shot. Hope it will be also OK for you.




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Hi Andrey,


The code you posted was very helpful to me as well. Is there further information on the Twain_Wrapper.dll? I would like to interface with a scanner that has an auto document feeder. I would like to use the code to continue aquiring images until the ADF reports that it is empty. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!



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Hello Andrey!


Again, thank you very much!


This is exactly what I was looking for and its working perfectly 🙂


Kind regards




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