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nipxisae.dll exception in ExpertManager::InitializeExpert function [MAX]

First of all, I don't know where to post this. I haven't found  an specific forum for MAX. Move this or tell me where to post it if isn't correctly post here.


After a long time without openning MAX, now I have the following error when openning it:


The nipxisae.dll plug-in caused an exception in the ExpertManager::InitializeExpert function in the MAX process.


It happens on MAX startup, and freezes it. So it's 100% unnusable.


I haven't been able to read the dmp file, but I have run the NI Package Manager repair tool on MAX and after 1 hour and half and a reboot it's happening the same thing.


EDIT: I have also reinstalled the ni-system-configuration 20 and run the ResetNIConfig.exe, but also has done nothing.


What could I do?


Thanks for your time,




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I am aware of an issue similar to yours that has been resolved by repairing NI MAX on Package Manager. Therefore I could point out this document which illustrates all the methods for repairing NI software; in particular, if it was originally installed without NI Package Manager, but manually executing a standalone installer, the last point of the solution might help you to solve.



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I have already tried this, but thanks you anyway.

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Still the same problem.


If I try to connect the hardware (a new, then unconfigured, CRio) to a LV project with the "Discover an existing target or device", LV is able to recognize it but if I try to add it to the project it hangs up.


But I have just discovered that if I run the program (MAX & LV) with administrator privileges both don't hung up. It could be probably related with a problem that we have from a time ago when we try to change LV config or similar actions:





But as the post problem, this only happens if run without adiministrator privileges.


However, the post problem is far from being solved.  Even with admin rights MAX isn't able to detect the hardware. If I try to "Troubleshoot Remote System Discovery” it says that we don't have the RT module neither NI CompactRIO installed, but they are.


Also, LV with admin rights can add the hardware to the project without hanging up, but can't connect with it. It returns that hasn't been able to connect, without further information.


Could anyone give me some light here?


Thank you,





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