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niHSDIO Write Static (U32) write data question


Hi NI Community,


I found a static IO generation for the PXIe-6544 module. In here, it uses the VI niHSDIO Write Static (U32) to take an input of "write data" to generate logic High/Low in the output.

The example uses channel list from 0-15 but I have up to 31 channels. For the niHSDIO Write Static (U32), it has the description below for the "write data" input of the vi. My question is, how can I write High or Low to the IO channels 15-31?


"write data is the bit-value of data to drive on channels configured for static generation. 1 corresponds to logic high level, 0 corresponds to logic low level.
The least significant bit of write data corresponds to the lowest physical channel number. For example, a write data value of 0xFF00 sets the lower 8 channels to 0, while setting the upper 8 channels to logic high level."



Thank you for your help!

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I've figured out this problem!

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