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niHSDIO 6547 VI not working

Hello all,


The NI HSDIO 6547 VI - Dynamic acquisition and generation (demo).vi from the example finder is not working. Could someone please help with this! I am able to generate the signal but not able to read it. 



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Hello Nivetha,


I believe I am working with you in another service request via phone.  I was able to set up a PXIe 6548 and run this example.  You do not need to make any connections on the CB-2162 because the acquisition and generation channels are connected together in the device. This information is contained in the NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Help under the Channel Electronics section.


So that others may follow along if they have similar problems can you describe your hardware setup, error messages and behavior you are seeing?

Anthony F.
Staff Software Engineer
National Instruments
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