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Hello I am using NI8452 to communicate with Gyro and accelerometer (XL) using I2C. I have successfully read one sensor data at one time.i.e, gyro or XL. I was wondering if i can get both the senors data at the sometime? Sine both the gyro and XL will share the SDA and SCL line but I have no idea how i will configure two slave addresses using NI8452 I2c configuration node. The gyro and XL have different slave addresses gyro slave address = 0x68 XL slave address= 0x18 Any help would be highly appreciated Thanks
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Hi fpk.

Please refer to this url

I believe you already made sure multi-slave wiring. If you have a ploblem with wiring you should see the figure 3-6 in this url 

Typically I2C frame has slave address bits. so you should set the address and address size using ni 845x configuration property node.

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Thank you cjh9162

I have checked the manual and tutorial, which was quite helpful. 

As mentioned in the tutorial for multiple slaves have to set the CS bit.

I don't know how to set the chip bits in I2C configuration property node. I couldn't find any option.

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Accepted by topic author fpk

Hi fpk.

There is no CS property. Because the slave address is a combination of control code bits and the CS. Please refer to the addressing structure in this url

NI tutorial is using '1010' MSB for example. This control code means "Storage memory, real-time clock" typically. And if your chip has '010' address. You need to input 0x52(0b 101 0010) with slave address.  

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