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ni-rt.ini Documentation

Where can I find documentation for the ni-rt.ini file?  I would like to know what the possible settings are.
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Unfortunately, NI does not support any modiviations to the ni-rt.ini file.  It is not recommended that you do this becuase it has never been tested, however it may work.  It would be a lot easier to create a new user.ini file and use that.  For your reference, here are a couple related KnowledgeBases that have a small amount of information related to this ini file:
What Does the NI-RT.INI Setting of "server.tcp.paranoid" Do?
What is the RootPassword Entry in the NI-RT.INI File?

You've done the best thing by posting on the discussion forum.  Perhaps other users have experimented with this file and will be able to make some suggestions.  Best of luck!
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That is really unfortunate.  What I'm really after is trying to figure out how to set the host name of my NI RT computer.  It is a PXI -8184.  When the system is being used in the production environment I can only access it via the webserver.  I would prefer to have a way to set the host name so I don't have to type the IP address in the web browser.  This would also let me enable DHCP.  I thought I could use the ni-rt.ini file because it had TCP/IP settings in there, but I'm not sure what I can put in there. 
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In MAX you can set the IP address (statically or with DHCP) and give your RT target a name.  If you need the ability to do this through the ni-rt.ini file, I can't find any documentation for that as it's not supported.

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