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.net dll's missing afterbuild

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So I'm attempting to build an application that calls .net code to do some heavy lifting that labview can't do.


The problem is when I build the application I lose my .dll's So I dig though the file system to locate them, even move them /windows/system or /windows/system32 or even in the same folder as the exe... Or maybe in /data/*.dll above the exe.


Nothing works. And relinking them via searching tells me they are wrong.


Any help?

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Hi Valarauca,


How are you calling the DLL in your LabVIEW code? Do you get any error messages that say the program can't find the referenced DLL?


Also, what version of the .NET Framework are these DLLs created?



Jordan G.

LabVIEW Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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A Dot net contructor, then passing that reference to properity and invoke nodes.



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What version of LabVIEW are you using? Keep in mind that prior to LabVIEW 2013, you have to create the "yourEXEname.exe.config" file to force the built executable to reference the .net 4.0 assembly as opposed to the 2.0 assembly. Refer to this link for info on what needs to go in the config file.

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That is already done. I can't link to 4.0 binaries within the block diagram if that doesn't exist.


I have both 2013 and 2012, but the build is being done with 2012. (I don't own a compiler for 2013).

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Accepted by topic author Valarauca

I just want to be clear here, you must have a separate .config file for your executable than the LabVIEW.exe.config. If your application is called "Foo.exe", then you must have "Foo.exe.config" residing in the same folder as "Foo.exe" in order to instruct the executable to use the .net 4.0 assembly. This is a manual step, even if you have configured your development environment to run .net 4, you still have to config the executables that you build. If this isn't the problem, are you able to post the code or screen shots of the error?

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