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.net Properties and Methods Grayed out



I have a number of .NET dll's i use within labview 2010 SP1 and until recently everything has been going ok.  Yesterday when i can to use a dll in labview i found that i can hook up to the constructor for the class within the dll ok but when i then try to invoke a method or property from the reference the menu options are grayed out and i cannot select one.  I did manage to get it working again at one point by renaming the method to something else but i have had to change the method signature from void SendData(Byte[] data) to int SendData(Byte[] data) this morning and the same thing has happened.  So i am back to square one where my vi's are broken as the methods and properties are not found.  I am assuming labivew is having a problem with the dll but nowhere does it tell me what the issue is.


The strange this is that the same issue is now present on the working dll's/vis.  I have a number of other vi's that hook to other .net dlls, which i haven't touched, but when i go and try to select a different method or property it is grayed out.


Anyone else seen anythnig like this?

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Ok, i think i have solved the problem.  Looks like the .Net Ref Nums loose their link to the dll when you update it so you have to go through and reselect the linked class for the .Net RefNum

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