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need buffer


                        New to labview but had a quick question.  I have a vi that outputs a float number each time it is executed and I have a graph that is looking for a 1 dimensional array.  Would a structure work to capture the vi outputs and how do I set up a temp buffer to hold the data that goes to the graph?


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You could use a waveform chart instead of a graph as the chart has a built-in buffer. Thus, you just need to wire the output of your VI directly to the chart. You can configure the buffer size for the graph (right-click on it and set the history length). If you have to use a waveform graph then you could use a shift register as your buffer if you have a loop (which I assume you do). Or, you could use an Action Engine as your buffer implementation.
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ok thanks for the quick response, will try a few of the suggestions.
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 This is the simple buffer VI available with LabVIEW,You simply modify according to ur need.
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