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myrio file path/data logging

This program seems to run on the myRIO and thus has no access to the PC hard drive. You need to also create a program on the PC that receives and saves the data.

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Referring for previous conservation, thanks so I know that program was created in myRIO and not in my computer but when I creates the program on my computer. The program unable to run because it is not connect with myrio.


Is it I need to do the creates the same project on my computer as per below?

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Share a directory on your PC and have the cRIO write to that path.  \\yourPCname\c$\Users\YourUserName\YourDocumentsDirectory

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Well, your PC does not have the same IO as the myRIO, so it will not run properly on your PC.  What you wrote to run on the RT of the myRIO will only run on the RT when any of the IO or FPGA interface is involved.

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