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@NapDynamite wrote:

I have tried rebooting myRIO but still it never shows up in MAX. 


I didn't say reboot it, I said reboot it in 'safe mode' as per the instructions. You could also try connecting to the console UART to see if the myRIO is booting up correctly - as per the manual I linked to.


Have you tried the myRIO on another PC? Do you know someone else that has a myRIO and you could try plugging it into their PC / plug theirs into yours?

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Apologies. I meant "rebooted in safe mode". Yes I did that but still MAX shows nothing. Tried migrating entire setup on another PC but still myRIO isn't detectable. I have no clue what is wrong. I cannpt even reinstall software inside myRIO to check what was missing unless MAX detects it either through USB or WIFI.

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The USBLAN adapter is not automatically assigning default IP address to itself. Moreover it's not showing as a discrete LAN connection. 
To use UART console I'd need UART-USBconvertor to shift voltage level and read it on my PC. 

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The USBLAN adapter that ships with myRIO is from Belcara Tecnologies. Maybe there's something wrong with this driver which is not supporting windows 10. Sad thing is I don't have any previous Windows versions running in any of my systems. 

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So it turned out that my VMware's Virtual network bridge was blocking USBLAN connection somehow. After removing this bridge connection, I got myRIO working like a charm once again. 🙂

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