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myRIO ground

Hi all,


I just want to ask if there is a difference between the AGND and DGND ground pins of myRIO. Are they the same? Or there is a specific or special applications for these pins?


Thank you.

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Hi Jason,


The AGND refers the ground that is used as a reference for analog operations. The way you connect this will depend on the operation you are performing.


Field Wiring and Noise Consideration for Analog Signals


The DGND refers to the ground that is used as a reference for digital operations. If you are performing an operation such as digital output you will need to connect the DGND reference pin to your common ground.


All grounds are referenced to the same point but the path to taken is different in order to minimize noise.

Chassis, Earth and Signal Grounding



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What if i use a DIO pin then instead of using DGND, i used AGND. Is there any negative effect that will happen?

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I see no indication that the grounds are tied together on the myRIO, and having not used one myself, my advice would be to use the DGND as reference for DIO operations.

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