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must we use the scc-68

We bought several SCC-RLY01 to control 110V AC solenoids.
Is there any known way to use these relays with our SCC-2345
instead of the user manual specified SCC-68?
(the original SCC-RLY01 user manual specified the relay
_could_ switch up to 250V AC when used in a SCC-2345 carrier.
The newest SCC-RLY01 user manual indicates the relay will
switch only up to 30V AC when used in a SCC-2345 carrier
and that to switch higher voltages we need to use it in the
SCC-68 carrier.)
What could have possibly changed since the original user
manual to limit the SCC-RLY01 be used in the SCC-68 at
greater than 30V AC?
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This question is answered here.


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