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multisim and Digital Electronics by Tokheim

Just a warning to any one creating courses.  Digital Electronics by Roger Tokheim does not have a student version of multisim. 


I just spent a year working with NI and publishers to find a text for a digital electronics course.  Choose Tokheim because they were said to have a multisim student version with problems for students to do.  First day of class and I just heard from a student the assignments I have can not be done because the book did not have the student version of multisim.  It just had the labs that can not be ran. 


No I'm left to scramble to find a solution.  A little steamed at the book rep and NI rep for the complete mislead.  Smiley Mad

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Hi Prof Dude,


I am posting to close the loop on our conversation on the issue for future customers to reference.



As we discussed in our conversation, there are two ISBNs for this text book.  One contains the Multisim Software, and one does not contain the Multisim software.  The book company sent you the ISBN for the book without themultimedia included.  I would hope that hte textbook company woudl accept a return on these and resend the books with the software, but that is out of out control.


If time is critical, a download for Multisim is available on our website:


Students in the USA and Canada can purchase a license for Multisim hre:


Let me know if I can be of further assistance, and I do apologize for the inconvenience.



Best regards,


Adam Foster

Academic Product Manager

National Instruments

Academic Product Manager
National Intruments
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