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multiple y-axis(with different scale) on a xy graph

i have an xy graph in which i have three y-axis with 1 x-axis. iam able to name each of the axis as well as set the x-scale min and max each. finally iam able to see the three plots
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For some reason not known to me more than half of the post was not posted.

i appologize.


by reading some older posts i discover how duplicate y-axis on a xy-graph since i need to plot two signals (with different ranges)

after i plot, because the ranges are so far apart (-50000 to 50000) and (0 to 300) iam able to see the 0-300 plot but almost non of the other plot.


if i do auto-scale button (on the scale legen) belonging to the (-50000 to 50000) then imediatly iam able to see the whole signal, but the (0-300) shrinks to almost 0.


i woudl like to be able to see both plots fully and with a cursor just drag it and analyse both plots.

similar to an osciloscope for example.


any help will be apreciated.



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Hello there,


you can use the XY-Graph -properties to set the indvidual scales for each plot. See the following picture.

This will help you to draw both plots nicely on graph, having their own individual Y scale.


Furthermore, you can add a cursor for each plot, or use just one cursor allowing the user to "snap" to both plots.





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thanks for the replay cerati.


this you mention i had already done, and i see on my both scales as well as both plots, but i want to see both plots the same size regardless of the scale. (like i mentioned before, i either see the 0-300 scale plot perfect size but berely of the -50k - 50k or the -50k to 50k perfect size and the 0-300 litterally looks like it is a straignt horizontal line = to 0 of how diminute its scale is.


i would like to see both plots the same size regardless of scale.



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maybe this pictures can help to see my problem.


note1 before taking the first picture i changed the range of one plot from right on the graph from -50000-50000 to 0-5000 as a result on pict#3 the black plot looks a bit bigger.


i would like to be able to see both plots the same size. (example the size of plot color black on the pic#1, or the size of plot color purple on the pic#3)



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Hi there,


After looking at you images,  I would suggest multiplying the data of your smaller scale before displaying on the graph. This way your data will come into the graph at a scale similar to that of your other data set. Let me know how that works for you.


Travis Ann

Customer Education Product Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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