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multiple of a value

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Hi everyone,


I would like to create a case structure which will operate when there is a true value of a multiple of 24. Can someone pls help me out??

Thanks a lot for your effort.. 😉



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you might find the LabVIEW help files, shiping examples, tutorials or


your professor's sylabus helpful.  did you inspect any of these referances?

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As you can see above, the while loop will keep operating and I want the case structure in "True case" whenever the iteration +1 is equal to the multiple of 24. I am doing a project to pass the data to another table of database whenever the "True case" comes out. It's like when it is "24" hours a day, all the data will be passed on to the daily table. Can you please help me out?? thanks

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You need the Quotient & Remainder function. Same as modulo operation in text laguages.

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Hi As i'm not so familiar with Labview, can you please demonstrate that funtion for me?? Maybe a .jpg picture...thanks a lot


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Accepted by topic author Ryamnod

Read the help on the function and run the VI. It will count 0-23 and start over. Read about Modulo operation.


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It is a very basic LabVIEW function, and as you aren't familiar with LabVIEW I will hint that you should look on the  numeric palette on the diagram. If you enable the context help on the diagram page, it will explain how the Quotient & Remainer function works. You will not learn LabVIEW without trying to find the answers yourself. We will help, but not do the work for you.

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Thanks a lot for ur effort,Sir. I really really appreciate your kindness and hoping you to help me in my future problems


With loads of regards,


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