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multiple 2d data matrix and qr code reading




  I need help to read multiple data matrix and qr codes in image or given ROI of the image.  I tried with pattern match and geometric match techniques. But some of code not get matching. I also tried with masking technique. These algorithms taking more processing time. If any one knows how to read multiple 2d code please let me know. Also let me know any ready made supporting  labview dll's  availble let me know.

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It would depend very much on the images.


Post what you have...


You could of course try a Python solution... There are probably some .NET solutions as well.

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The images inserted. If you any suggestion please let me know. 


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The quality of those images might not be good enough.


The QR code almost disappears in the pixels, so the resolution should be higher.


The highlights occlude the QR codes. The lightning should be fixed so it doesn't show on the image in a disturbing way. Probably some diffuse lightning is needed, coming from a dome or ring light around the camera..


The QR codes are blurry, the image needs to be sharp. As the image spans a large area, the only option is to place the camera at a relatively large distance, and use a tele lens to zoom in on it. Other setups would make either the center sharp and the borders blurry, or vice versa. Perhaps that is what you have, then the lens should simply be focused. 


If the QR codes are on a grid (they seem to be) you can simply process each gird location for each QR. If the grid is fixed, it's easy (hard coded). If not, you might try to make a grid detection algorithm to detect the grid.

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