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multidevice task not supported (DAQmx)

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Is there any documentation or specific hardware list of devices that cause:

Error -201426 occurred at StartDAQmx Start
Possible reason(s):
One or more devices do not support multidevice tasks.


Some reasons are obvious (separate chassis...) but I was surprised wnen I added a second PXI-6529 board for digital input to one of my PXIe chassis, and now have to revise the software to add another task. Two 6529s can't be in the same task. I've looked through the board manuals and the NI site but can't find any documentation on why, or what else I might need to watch out for in future expansion with other PXI boards.

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I know M series boards did not support multi-device tasks, at least as of DAQmx 9.0.  Last I actually looked into it, only X series boards supported multi-device tasks.  But that was about 6 years ago that I last tried.

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09-09-2016 07:56 AM

Aha - best explanation I found:

Not obvious (to me) but you need to connect the terms "multidevice task" with "channel expansion". A link in the error message would help.



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