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modifying axis on waveform graphs

Hello there. i am imorting tab delimited file into vi and drawing graph using two columns. One column give the dates with times when the data wass captured and the other column displays the data. So for each day there could be multiple dates with same date values but obviously different times ( hrs, minutes and seconds). I converted the string times to timestamp using date/time to second function. When I created 1-d array and plotted on graph, graph doesn't seem to hold/show all time (hr/sec) values and it is difficult to read the time values for certain data value. I wonder if there is a way to customize x axis scale so that two adjacent dates e.g 08/08/11 and 09/08/11 is subdivided into 24 parts? Also it would be handy to fix the y axis to origin so it does n't move when the chart is dragged around.


Kind Regards

Austin Cann

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Hi Austin,


When you mention the Y axis changes when the graph is "dragged around", what exact is it the you do to the graph and in what way does the Y axis change. Are you familiar with disabling the auto scaling on a graph? right click the graph on the front Panel to gain access to this, and then enter the minimum and maximum values on the Y scale by clicking on the already existant values on the scale.


If you attach your code to this forum post then perhaps we can take a look and get a better idea of what it is you are seeing right now.


All the best.

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National Instruments
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