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mobile robot

Hi everyone

i'm new to labview and i am trying to design a robot in LabVIEW is the student edition one and does not have any added toolkits.Is it possible to design the robot only with the LabVIEW i have? and if it is,how can one go about doing this?



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Hi syms,


LabVIEW is a programming language, not a "design software"...


Maybe this will be of more interest to you?

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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You can use LabVIEW to control the robot, but I dont know if you can design a robot.

Do you already have the robot? And all the hardware you are going to use to communicate?

If so, could you please provide that information.

Cory K
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Well, right now i am trying to create the robot in just LabVIEW without any hardware.It is more of a virtual robot



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What kind of functionality are you looking at implementing in the virtual robot? (basic forwards, backwards, turns?)

How do you want to control the virtual robot? (dials? text commands?)


If you want something that just shows the position of a robot that can move forwards/backwards, and left/right (for turning) you could connect dials up for the controls (velocity, and turn angle) then use fairly basic maths (and feedback nodes) to work out where it will be on the next iteration based on its current position velocity and turn angle.

The output of this (X,Y position) could then be plotted to see where it is in 2D.


There are many other ways to do it, which are likely to be more efficient, but it's a start.


If you let us know more about what you want the virtual robot to do we could help a bit more.

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Be sure to check out the Robotics Portal, here you can find info on how LabVIEW and NI equipment are used for various type of robotic aplications. (this video is a great intro)

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Perhaps you are looking for something like the picture control example  You can find it by find examples and searching for robots or just going straight to:




This is a picture control example that shows you how to draw and control a robot arm with 3 joints and a claw.  It is pretty 2-D but could be something to use to start.


Hope that this helps,


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