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mergin cluster and dynamic data

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Accepted by topic author uzumaki007

Well, without having you sitting with me explaining this extremely complicated Block Diagram with many wires crossing all over the place and no indication of what is being done, and your refusal (or, perhaps, inability) to produce a small simple 4-6 function example of what you are trying to do, I give up.  I'm certain 90% of the code I'm viewing can be eliminated for testing purposes, but I have no idea what are the key parts that you are trying to test.


Best of luck.  My suggestion (as you are "still a beginner") is to do your best to develop basic LabVIEW skills.  Do a number of small projects that you design for yourself (i.e. where you have no "starting code" to modify, but need to write everything yourself).


  • Keep your Block Diagram small (should fit on a small laptop's screen).
  • Use sub-VIs to handle sub-tasks (see the various LJUD_xx sub-VIs).
  • All sub-VIs should use a 4-2-2-4 Connector pattern, all should pass the Error Line.  Note that some of the supplied LJ routines (such as LJstm data file write) violate this, and should be repaired.
  • Simplify.  Group functionality into sub-VIs (it is OK to write a sub-VI that calls other sub-VIs).  Try to make your Block Diagram comprehendable "at a glance".
  • To help doing this, give all of your sub-VIs an Icon, even if just Text (don't need "LJ", can say "Write Data Stream").

Bob Schor

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Thank you very much Bob_schor and i'm very sorry for this disturbance.

the LJStreamUD(wich i want to customize) is included with the main installation package for Labjack.It's not me who developpes this VI.So it's very complicated to simplify it.I'm working only on the display part of this large VI(see the pic).clustergraph2.png


I took the cluster wich represent the data gathered from Labjack U3,and I try to add another signal, generated by Labview,with it.

My main question is how to transform a cluster(with double,double,2D array) to dynamic data?is it possible ?is there any exemple?

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Accepted by topic author uzumaki007

Based on your information, it seems that it would be best to first break the cluster into its components using Unbundle By Name.  Then, you could wire these components to Convert to Dynamic Data Express VI.  If the data type is incompatible you can click on the Express VI and change the Input data type.  Below is a manual for the Convert to Dynamic Data Express VI.


Good luck!

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the problem is fixed.I had big trouble with the 2D array.There was two channel,one of them was empty, the other contained the necessary data.I solved the problem thereby:

1.unbundel the cluster.

2.extract the apropriate range from the 2D array

3.bild a Waveform


Thank you all for your help :  GerdW, Yamaeda,Bob_Schor,cblanchard

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Hi uzumaki,


you should have learned to clean up your BD by now - ever tried AutoCleanup (Ctrl-U)?

 Your image shows just a mess with hidden wires, right-to-left dataflow, hidden labels…


What's the purpose of the FOR loops? Ever heard of polymorphism? Do you know what we call a Rube-Goldberg?

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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