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memory deallocation

memory deallocation

Hi All,


I am facing a problem, i read some post but not able to solve it.


my set up is i am building a dll, in that dll i am fetching some records from database(ODBC), DB toolkit, and taking some parameters as o/p,


I am calling this dll in seperate vi and generating an exe for it,


I am doing the DB open, fetching and then close everytime at a interval of 100 ms in dll.


The unusual behaviour is the memory size of the exe is increasing,


I used the desktop execution toolkit but did'nt get any memory leaks.



1. initial memory 19,000 K and increases, to 100 000 K and more, now if i maximise it and then again minimize it then it starts from 19,000 K.

2. If i disable the DB fetching code in dll then the exe memory does'nt increase.

3. If i dont use the logic in the form of dll  but subvi then also memory dont increase.






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Re: memory deallocation

That does seem like unusual behaviour.

I can't offer a solution but maybe a little insight.

The default setting for a call library function node is to run in the User Interface thread.

That may be why resizing the front panel releases the memory.


You can try setting it to run in any thread. It may help, it may make it worse!

Maybe with that setting it won't even release the memory when you resize the FP.


It may be that the leak is in the dll.

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Re: memory deallocation



first question:

Is this an issue or just "curiosity" why you are asking? So is the increasing memory consumption a problem?


Second question:

If the memory "resets" when you minimize the interface: Is it possible that you have some kind of "growing string" or table on the frontpanel showing the results of your queries?



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Re: memory deallocation

Hi Shrekt,


Can you plesae upload few screen shot or vi, for better analysis..



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Re: memory deallocation

Dear Norbert,

It is an issue and i dont have a growing string and the application is such that it is not used for user GUI and will run in backhand minimized.








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