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Hello everyone! I'm doing on our project on labview. We are using a battery and need to measure the percentage of power that the battery left. As the power used, the voltage will also decrease. Here is a table of the relationship between voltage and percentage. Can anyone help me to get the vary value of percentage? Thanks!table.JPG

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Are you having a problem with LabVIEW problem or a problem with math? What have you tried so far?

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Both the problems...How to get the formula of the table? Then how to program on labview?

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So what you mean here is, you want to display the exact percentage of battery depending on the voltage (Suppost 11.23 V mean 54% like that)? You can do a Linear fit ( with the Voltage as Y values and Percentage as X values (Or may be the other way) and find the Slope and Intercept. Then with the voltage reading Mulitply the slope and Add the intercept, you are done.


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Create an array of points (cluster of xy pairs, x=voltage, y=%), then use interpolate array with the given voltage.

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Actually it is not a linear one...

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Maybe a curve.

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Hi xuan,


either use Altenbach's suggestion (with linear interpolation between your data points) or calculate a polynomial regression of your choice. Then use PolynomialEvaluation function to calc battery state from voltage…

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Using a lookup table as Altenbach suggested is the easiest way to go.

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I'm sorry...Can u give me a more detailed solution?

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