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maxsonar EZ1 vs SRF05

maxsonar EZ1 vs SRF05

I am trying to make a university project. My aim is to do mapping and obstacle avoidance for DaNI robot 1.1. I would like to know which ultrasonic range finder is better in all aspects among the EZ1 and SRF05, regarding performance and ease of installation? I have gone through the specifications of both, but am really confused as they appear to be at par.


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Re: maxsonar EZ1 vs SRF05

Hi Danish,


The LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit, “DaNI”, includes a PING))) Ultrasonic distance sensor.


There is a Read PING))) Sensor Distance VI you could also use to communicate with it.


When choosing a sensor, I would just make sure that it is accurate enough for you application and easy to communicate with.




Lewis Gear CLA

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Re: maxsonar EZ1 vs SRF05

thank you for your response.

I am trying to build an array of sensors, i find the Maxsonar EZ1 boasting of better features than the PING ))), and thus want to experiment with it in different manners. Projects on PING ))) have already been done before. My decision to use to maxsonar is based on its extensive range and the variety of it transmission mechasims. The aim is not precision specific and hence my question of comparision arose; regarding the ease of installation.

thank you once again

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