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matlab script input filename from labview



I have written a code in matlab script and integrated into labview. The script has to do some function with s2p file. Instead of writing the filename in the script everytime manually I want the script to read the filename from the labview with some kind of input. for example


The script has one of the following code


measured_raw_data = read(,'D5.s2p');


where the file name "D5.s2p" should be automatically read from the input which I create on the script node. For some reasons the read function of the matlab only relies on the filename specified within the function. I have created an input string "a" to which I have a string control and I am modifying the function as


measured_raw_data = read(,'a');


When I do so the matlab gives me an error saying that "a" is not an s2p file. Any help guys ?

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You have the a in single quotes.  I don't know matlab, but it seems to me that it is defining that as the literal string "a" rather than the variable named a.  Try removing the single quotes.

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