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math operations on history chart

Hi everyone, I'd like to be able to do some math processing to chart history in that way:

1) visualizing continuous data from serial port on a multi plot chart  ---> done


2) at a certain point be able to do some basic math operation on all the chart plots, say for example plot1 multiply by 2, plot 2 multiply by 1.5 ecc.. and visualize those operations on all the history collected till that moment on the same chart replacing raw data, and maybe return to visualize all the raw data collected, programmatically.


Thanx 🙂

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Hi ghrsdr,
The best way to do it is to maintain a data structure in memory containing a portion of the acquired data (even all). When you need to do some operations on the data you could use this data structure to retrieve and modify your data, even creating a new data structure to maintain the original data. If the data set is large you may consider to stream data to and from your hard disk. The chart should be used only for data visualization purposes, not as a data structure to store the acquired data.


I suggest you to read the following white papers on the management of large data sets in LabVIEW.


Managing Large Data Sets in LabVIEW


Memory Management for Large Data Sets


I hope I have given you some useful suggestion for your project.


Best regards,


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Thankyou very much edemarchi...I will read the link you suggested hoping to find what I am checking for.

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