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mass compile - automatic searching

I am upgrading an old system / project written in Labview 8.2 into a newer version 2011. There are many same versions of the project in my PC. Now, when i build into an exe application, some of the fuctions are not there. However, when run the project under Labview 2011, it seems to work fine.

Then, i realize that it could be some files are not linked / included properly. So, i decided to mass compile. The warning seems to automatically search to previously old directory, which is not supposed to be.



1. can i disable automatic searching? so that it doesnt search for the any particular files in the whole PC, which will end up in getting old versions of the files.

2. The current method that i am practising is to make a zip folder to avoid labview links those files automatically.

2.a. if i remove my previous project codes to another PC linked through network, does it still search?

2.b. is there any other way than Zip?



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You can remove the default search paths that specify the locations of your subVIs. In your project or toplevel VI go to Tools>>Options>>Paths. Select VI Search Path from the drop down menu, uncheck "Use Default" and remove the folders that you don't want to be searched.

Sev K.
Senior Systems R&D Engineer | Wireless | CLA
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